A biblical-sounding parable. About butt cracks.

As told by my son, age 7.


MOM is showering.  SON is (theoretically) brushing his teeth.


Hey Mom, you know we have butt cracks?


(long pause)



I think in the olden days, people didn’t used to have them.

But then the devil sent down lightning and split our butts in half.




And then God decided to keep them

because he thought butt cracks were funny.

Editor’s note:  The weird thing is, this is probably as close as we get to discussing religion in my household.  But any god that finds humor in butt cracks is my kind of god.

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One response to “A biblical-sounding parable. About butt cracks.

  1. Gina Rosati

    I’m with your son … I think God has quite the sense of humor.

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