Curl Power

Are you old enough to remember when Nicole Kidman’s hair was actually curly? How about when Kerri Russell rocked a curly do?  And whatever happened to Andie MacDowell’s famous curls?  Or Juliana Margulies?  These ladies used to be my curly hair icons. And now… just a bunch of limp noodles.  Albeit, gorgeous ones.

Normally, I’m not one to out people.  And if I had the kind of money these women spend on hair stylists and fancy Japanese thermal relaxers, I’m sure I would have dabbled with straight hair, too.  Like most curly-haired women, I spent the majority of my life in a love-hate relationship with my curls. And though I’ve been tempted to join the hair majority, my hair’s way too kinky to be straightened by a mere blow-out, flat iron, or keratin treatment.  Even the highly toxic African-American hair relaxers I used back in college never made my hair anything other than wavy at best.

So, I understand how annoying it is to not be able to try out the latest hairstyles.  I’m in my 40’s now, and I still feel phantom pangs of jealousy over my inability to pull off feathered bangs in seventh grade.

But because I had no other choice, I ultimately learned to love and accept my crazy corkscrew hair for what it is.  Which is kind of what life’s all about, right?

So today, I call on all the celebrity frizz-heads of America and make this plea:  let your curls out of the closet and wear them with pride.  Seriously, ladies—do you want the only role model for a whole generation of curly-haired girls to be Kenny G.?

Is, Kenny G. our only hope?

Is Kenny G. our only hope?

Curl Power.  We’re here, we hate humidity.  Get used to it.

4 culry-haired young adult authors (L to R: Gina Damico, Zoraida Cordova, Hilary Weisman Graham, Sarah Beth Durst)

4 culry-haired young adult authors walk into a bookstore… (L to R: Gina Damico, Zoraida Cordova, Hilary Weisman Graham, Sarah Beth Durst)

Maude Apatow, potential Curl Power spokesmodel.

Maude Apatow: potential Curl Power spokesmodel?



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6 responses to “Curl Power

  1. I’d kill for your curly locks, Hilary. Totally serious………

  2. Yeah, even Taylor Swift is losing her curls to the straighter look. I think all those ladies looked way better in curls! I used to perm my hair to get your curls. I have a son with those tight curls. He got them from my husband. I say curls ROCK! Love your LOCKS!


  3. Gabbie

    It took me years to be fine with my curls, and it is so much easier to just leave them natural instead of straightening my hair all the time! Though I do braid my hair when I get out of the shower otherwise it could end up looking like I have dreds.

  4. Oh, but you have such a gorgeous head of hair!

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