Hilary Weisman Graham 

Twitter:  @HilaryGraham

One response to “CONTACT

  1. Caitlin Scott

    hey Hilary Weisman Graham, my name is Caitlin Scott. I am 18 and I just finished reading your book Reunited. First of all, I LOVED THE BOOK! I could really connect with the experiences those girls went through. I’ve had plenty of ex best friends I have wanted to reunite with, and have had my share of guy troubles like these girls. I also used to have a VW bus so that was always my dream to travel across the country in a VW! I also love how you are local to my area. I was kind of disappointed though I wanted to know what would happen on the adventure back home that could have been in the book. I wanted to know what would happen with the character Quentin! But I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to read more books by you, and maybe some day I could get to meet you and we could talk about writing?????? because I want to be a writer.?????

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